AB X Murphy’s Magic

World-Renowned Photographer


The fluidity of our existence

Our lives move like a wave throughout the universe. Everywhere we’ve been has left a ripple of our mark. Adam’s journey into fluid art photography started many years ago. His passion for creating the impossible. He wanted to push the boundaries of photography and bring it into the present. There are no computer generated images here. What you see is what Adam captured.


Follow the passion even if it’s against the current

Adam’s work can be found across the globe. Combining his two passions ‘fluid art’ and photography has seen Adam be set apart in a sea of photographers.

Bulmers advert 2019

Adam is, in my opinion, one of the most original artists I’ve seen. From his conceptual themes to his brilliant execution, no one has made playing cards look so profound as he has.
— lost_angelus (Jeremy Griffith)

An incredible artist with a stronger grip on his style than we’ve ever seen before. It’s rare we dribble over the product photos of our own product.
— Ellusionist
Adam is constantly pushing the limits and crossing boundaries. He’s ushering in a new era of playing card photography!
— Cartamundi

Adam Borderline’s photography is truly unique! Not only is it mind-blowing, it will fundamentally change the way you look at playing card photography. His creativity’s bright, edgy and saturated with colors. Can’t wait to see more of Adam’s work!
— Kardify
Adam’s approach to photography is rich and full of life. He offers an overload of flavor. It’s hard to forget that level of potency.
— Orbit Brown (Orbit playing cards)


Unique and creative
— Shin Lim (Winner of AGT & AGT Champions 2019)
Adam’s photography is the best in the game. His style is unique and undeniably his. It’s always a pleasure working with him!
— Seasons Playing Cards

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